Most people outside of the crane and rigging industry don’t understand the preparation and safety precautions which go into a job. They assume a crane shows up, lifts the cargo, and drops it wherever the client asks. This simplifies the process extraordinarily.

First, to even win a bid a great amount of work is involved with detailed planning required. New software innovations are helping make the job simpler and more accurate for riggers and crane professionals. Several programs available include A1A’s 3DLiftPlan as well as LiftPlanner.

These programs have easy to manipulate user interfaces that expedite the creation of designs and plans when they used to be strictly by hand. Clients can see upfront the details of how a rigger plans to complete a job as well as the safety precautions the rigger plans on taking.

Crane positioning can be huge to the safety of both employees and any third parties in the area, with this new software it’s easier to visualize exactly where a crane should be placed. In addition, locations for site safety coordinators and trouble spots can be identified ahead of time.

All in all, technology and software is becoming a vital asset in the safety arsenal of riggers. With insurance rates skyrocketing, intelligent underwriters are looking more and more at these soft factors when determining an overall premium.

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